Building green homes incorporating sustainable house design is jddb's specialty. It's our passion and our discipline. It's what we love doing.

Energy efficient, eco-friendly, environmentally conscious - it's a lifestyle and a state of mind that more and more people are committing to integrating into their homes.

We are proud to offer Ballarat a truly†sustainable energy efficient home now for sale at 57 Hocking Ave, Ballarat.

True sustainable homes are built from the ground up using innovative design and the latest materials to achieve optimum green-star ratings. It's more than solar power or rainwater tanks (though they're part of the picture) - it's integrating the guiding principles of sustainability into every aspect of the home's creation, from concept right through to construction and on-site practices.

Features typically found in green homes include:

  • passive solar design
  • heat recovery system
  • solar power
  • double glazing
  • non-toxic finishes throughout
  • grey water systems

At jddb we are experts in delivering quality sustainable homes. Ballarat is our home and our workplace. It's where you will find a growing number of satisfied jddb clients living guilt-free in green homes.

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