If you're seeking sustainable house design Ballarat, jddb is your destination - we will design a custom home that brings to life your living requirements and your dedication to the environment.

jddb offers a complete building design service that translates your ideas and your imagination into concepts, detailed construction drawings and, ultimately, your new sustainable home.

Every jddb sustainable house Ballarat design incorporates sustainability principles, research and new technology to create living environments that are thermally-efficient and have a small ecological footprint.

We use passive solar design as a key organising principle in each of our sustainable home design Ballarat projects. We carefully consider solar orientation and angles, placement of window openings, sufficient building perimeter insulation, incorporation of internal thermal mass and use of stack- and cross-ventilation cooling systems.

Visit jddb's display home Ballarat to see sustainable house design in practice. Our display home is the first of its kind in Ballarat and is an exciting, real-life showcase for sustainable house design. Ballarat has never seen anything like it before.

Discover more about our custom home builder Ballarat services and sustainable homes on our FAQs page or contact us for more information. We love talking about sustainable living!