As a leading custom home builder Ballarat, we're proud to have built the first sustainable display home Ballarat has seen. Now complete and ready for viewing in the new Sailor's Gully Estate, Mt Clear, our unique display home is a triumph of sustainable design ... and it's for sale!

The display home showcases state-of-the-art systems and technologies in an ultra-liveable home with breathe-easy sustainability, breath-taking quality and stunning, to-sigh-for individuality.

Features include:

  • passive solar design
  • heating through a northern-wall heatstack
  • cooling via cross-ventilation
  • cutting edge heat recovery system which achieves consistent year-round temperature at minimal cost
  • solar power
  • solar hot water system
  • double glazing
  • non-toxic finishes
  • rainwater catchment and tanks
  • foundation for grey-watered permaculture garden and small orchard
  • cellar storage
  • Thermacell insulated concrete formwork (ICF)

Just 3kms from the heart of Ballarat at 57 Hocking Avenue, Mt Clear.

Open for viewing by appointment - phone Joseph 0428449413 or Sally 0438449413 / 03 5344 9413.

If you have an interest in sustainable homes, visit our display home and meet Ballarat's green home builder. Come and experience the look and the feel of true sustainable integrity.

Take a look at our recent feature on the jddb sustainable house in the Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine, issue 9 p's 32-37.  

Contact us to discover more about the benefits and potential of green homes, custom home builders Ballarat or sustainable home design Ballarat.

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