traditional cottage homesteadTraditional Cottage Homestead

A modern home designed to incorporate not only energy efficiency but a certain aesthetic charm.
 The Traditional Cottage Homestead blends old world charm with 21st 
century know-how.
 A working example of how this is done is a family home at Carngham, west of 
Ballarat. Designed to look as though it was built over a century ago the north facing, two-storey, lime washed solid brick home has all the charm of a bygone era. The home features double glazed windows and a concrete floor 
providing thermal mass. 
The external wallís are a unique triple brick construction, with a vented cavity between the third "skin" of brick that allows 
warm air to be retained in winter or released in summer.
 Solar-powered hydronic heating through the slate look concrete slab floor will also help keep away winter chills.

The Traditional Cottage Homestead is a home of yesterday built today.
 Including internally rendered double brick walls featuring a Porters lime-washed finish this house would be just as at home in Provincial France or Tuscany.

Prospective home builders wanting an older style home designed with the environment in 
mind will be sold on this home.

A home that will appreciate in value through out the years, with a high integrity, quality build.