February 27, 2013
Ballarat Sustainable Home Builder

Hybrid House Builders Ballarat

jddb is now offering a low cost hybrid house. Innovative, sustainable, light footprint, the new jddb home incorporates shipping containers into the design, lowering the budget yet not compromising on the sustainable qualities of the home.

The hybrid house is great for an inner city block or sustainable, affordable beach house, sea change, tree change alternative.

February 27, 2013
Custom Home Builders Ballarat

Traditional Cottage Homestead

The Traditional Cottage Homestead blends modern technology with old world charm with 21st 
century know-how to incorporate not only energy efficiency but a certain aesthetic charm.

A working example this is a family home at Carngham, west of 
Ballarat. Designed to look like it was built over a century ago, the home features a range of sustainable techniques that will allow warm air to be retained in winter or released in summer.

Prospective home builders wanting an older style, environmentally friendly home will be sold on this home, which will appreciate in value through out the years, with a high integrity, quality build.

traditional cottage homestead

traditional cottage homestead - jddb homes

September 19, 2012
Sustainable Display Home Sale Ballarat

At Joseph De Losa Design Build, jddb, we're proud to present Ballarat’s first sustainable display home for SALE. A joy to live in, healthier, saving you money on water and energy bills, constructed using environmentally efficient materials this home works towards a neutral energy bill. Materials are used intelligently and with a purpose, creating a meeting of mind and matter, or mind within matter.

An aspect integral to design, creating an even temperature. As Joseph De Losa, Designer, Builder and HIA Greensmart professional explains, in Ballarat and surrounds temperatures range from -4 to 44 degrees, you have to think about how you can keep heat out during summer and in during winter, this is decided in the design process, you only have one go to get it right. Once it’s built that window of opportunity is gone. That’s why jddb have chosen to design and build because they know how to make a home that works, that is a home that not only uses energy but produces it.

The core concepts are passive solar design, natural cross ventilation, incorporating thermal mass into the building, adequate insulation and creative use of air gaps in the building envelope to provide inertia against temperature fluctuations. High integrity construction demanded double glazing throughout, non-toxic finishes, energy efficient lighting, appliances and water conscious plumbing, it’s a total home concept that works. A truly sustainable home that works towards a zero energy bill. It is brilliantly simple and doesn’t cost the earth. The jddb display home ticks every box. The home is constructed from Thermacell insulated concrete formwork, I.C.F’s, possessing excellent thermal properties. There is also a Trombe wall and a state of the art Solectaire heat recovery system, both passively heating the home during winter, naturally. Constructed on a slope it made sense to build a split-level (3 level) home that incorporates a wine cellar under the house, cut into the natural slope of the land and a home office with it’s own little Tuscan courtyard, as Joseph says it’s all about creating possibilities out of difficulties. Creativity putting mind into matter. The display home is solar powered, fitted with evacuated tube solar hot water, incorporates a grey water system, water catchment, small orchard, olive trees, vegie garden.

Joseph De Losa Design Build would like to take this opportunity to thank all who collaborated on the project; AAE Solar Hot Water, Absolute Kitchens, Ballarat Roofing, Ballarat Solar Plumbing, Ballarat and District Garage Doors, Beacon Lighting, Bunnings, CBD Concreting by Design, Certainteed, Command Star Insulation, Dahlsons, Gays Hardware, Haymes Natures Palette, Next Concept Painting and Design, Tidy Tiling, Thermacell Insulated Concrete Formwork, Townsend Joinery, and Smart Options.

December 12, 2011
Builders Ballarat

Ballarat Builder

Ballarat is a city that has had a fantastic growth spurt over recent years as more people and industries are relocating away from Melbourne and heading to a city with great attractions and services, yet less hustle and bustle. Because of this, people are looking for an experienced and quality Ballarat builder as they relocate or upgrade from their existing premises.

At jddb we are experienced and professional Ballarat builders , having provided a quality service to clients over the past x years. We specialise in green building and pride ourselves on working with clients to make sure they have the best possible housing result.

Call us at jddb. We are the Ballarat builders that can give you any advice and information you need when building your home - whether it is for an investment or your own. 


November 7, 2011
Home Builders Ballarat

Ballarat Home Builders

Building a home can seem a daunting task, but not if you seek advice from experienced and professional builders. Jddb is a family-owned business that understands what a family or individual needs when building a home. We are experts in green building so your home is sustainable - easy on the environment and easy on your pocket.

We work with you so your home is designed to suit your own personal or family needs. Our years in the industry mean we can give you qualified advice based on our knowledge of building and the results you are seeking.

At Jddb home builders we know Ballarat - we know the weather, the conditions, the needs of a family, couple or individual and this is why we are the Ballarat home builders to call. Talk to us now.